Vedant Deokate won a web development competition and was offered a job by a company based in the United Sates

News : The youth seeking job now, would jump at an opportunity of earning  33 lakh per annum. What if the same amount a offered to a fifteen year old boy studying in class 10? Nagpur’s Vedant Deokate is that boy who won a web development competition and was offered a job by a company based in the United Sates. They offered him a salary of 33 lakhs per annum!

The teenager entered a coding competition organised by a US based company and won the same. He wrote as many as 2,066 lines of code over a span of two days.

The competition saw a total of 1000 participants including Vedant. Upon winning the competition Vedant was offered a job with a team in the Human Resource Department of the US company based in New Jersey. However, the advertsiing company had to withdraw their offer when they were informed about Vedant’s age.

The company, however, sent an encouraging note to Vedant who studies in class 10. The note said, “We are impressed with your experience, professionalism, and approach,”. The note asked the teenager to complete his education and then contact them. The note also asked the student to not lose heart.

Vedant claims that he is a self-trained coder who has practiced on his mother’s laptop. Calling the device ‘slow’ and ‘outdated’, the teen said he has attended more than twenty four online tutorials to learn coding. He came across the advertisement of the coding competition on his mother’s Instagram account. Vedant’s school helped him in replying tot he company about his age and other details.

Vedant’s mother, plans to gift their son a laptop follwoing this achievement.

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